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JSW to be the first official partner of COP 24

|   COP24 - wspólne

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, upon agreement with the Minister of the Environment, has become the first official partner of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 24). This is UN’s most important international conference. JSW’s partnership supports Polish Presidency, guaranteeing the company’s active participation in the event and the possibility to promote environment-friendly changes in the mining sector.

The annual sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are the most important events in the international climate negotiations process, offering a meeting forum for the representatives of all Parties to the Convention (196 states and the EU). During the conference, decisions are made on further actions for climate protection and the operation of the Convention itself.

This year’s session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will be held on 2-14 December in Katowice. During the COP 24 summit, adoption of a full package implementing the Paris Agreement is planned. This is the first in history international agreement which obligates all states in the world to take climate protection actions. The implementation package will make it possible to perform the Paris Agreement in practice. Consequently, it will define the global climate and energy policy for the years to come.

During the climate summit, Poland wants to focus the attention of all the states to three messages – nature, man and technology. According to Polish Presidency, a solidary and fair social and economic transformation is required, combined with simultaneous attainment of climate neutrality, among others thanks to absorption of carbon dioxide by forests.

– We are honored to be able to support Polish COP 24 Presidency. We hope that our participation in the summit attended by nearly 30 thousand delegates from across the globe, including heads of states and ministers of the environment and industry, will contribute to promotion of JSW as an environment-friendly leader of the mining industry – says Daniel Ozon, JSW President. – We want to strengthen the image of the JSW Group in the international forum as the biggest producer of coking coal and coke, i.e. the components required for production of steel and development of modern, low-emission industry and innovative technologies of the future.

During COP 24, JSW will organize expert panels at which it will present the company’s environmental efforts. It will present solutions guaranteeing reduction of emissions and allowing for efficient use of the natural resources and by-products of the production process.

 – JSW is a leader in the economic usage of methane. The gas captured from the mine methane drainage and ventilation air system not only reduces the risk of methane hazards in mines, but also improves energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. At present, 60% of the captured gas is converted into energy. By 2030, the company intends to increase electricity production from methane fivefold – says Artur Dyczko JSW’s Vice-President for Strategy and Development,– JSW is taking intensive actions to implement a technology for separation of hydrogen from coke-oven gas. Separated and purified hydrogen can be used in hydrogen cells for environmentally-friendly and emission-free generation of electricity or environmentally-friendly public transport.

One of the numerous attractions prepared by JSW for the COP 24 climate summit in Katowice will be a presentation of a mobile hydrogen station and availability of a hydrogen-powered bus for the summit participants. JSW estimates that in the future the company’s coke plants will be able to produce hydrogen to power 800 such vehicles per annum. The JSW Group, one of the biggest producers of tar in the EU, also intends to use this product for production of carbon fibers, among others for modern European aviation, electronic and automotive industries.

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