Respect for resources and land reclamation

JSW Group’s Environmental Strategy up to 2030 with an Outlook to 2050
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Areas transformed during the course of mining activities have been reclaimed and developed in a way that guarantees optimal management of space and environmental resources, in accordance with local zoning plans, in the directions that were agreed with local government units by assigning them utility functions that will serve local communities in the future, as landscaped green areas and forests and sports and recreational facilities. 


Reclamation and development activities in areas transformed as a result of mining activities in order to rehabilitate them and restore their natural and landscape values.

Previous initiatives:

  • Planting forests in areas where trees have been cut out.
  • Repairing mining damage.
  • Reclamation of land transformed by mining activity by using mining waste and aggregate.


  • Preparing the inventory of areas transformed by mining activity, implementing land reclamation projects with the use of mining waste (including subsidence areas).
  • Inventory-taking of transformed and post-industrial sites in the area of JSW Group’s units, developing projects for their revitalization or using them to build infrastructure, e.g. RES.    
  • the possibility of reducing emissions from facilities where mining activity is conducted.
  • Conducting land reclamation activities following the progress of the work front.


Group’s planned expenditures till 2030

  • Measures associated with rational management of waste and reclamation of land ~ PLN 0.1 billion