JSW Group’s mission

Strengthening our position as the leading producer and supplier of coking coal and coke in Europe in a manner that ensures growth in the Company's value taking into account stakeholder expectations.

JSW Group’s vision

upplier of the strategic chemical raw material indispensable in the production of steel, which is the foundation for sustainable development and transformation towards a low-emission eco

JSW S.A. Strategy including the JSW Group’s Subsidiaries for 2020-2030

Changes in the market environment

The JSW S.A. Strategy including the JSW Group’s Subsidiaries for 2020-2030 is the response to the challenges following from dynamically changing market environment and economic situation, changes in the Group’s capital structure, as well as the challenges associated with maintaining stable, sustainable growth while satisfying the stakeholders’ expectations in the long run.

The key market factors that exert strong impact on the Group’s operations include fluctuations of product sales prices correlated with global economic cycles. The activity of the competitive environment, especially the ultimate shape of the coking coal and coke sales markets, including its allocation capability, justify the need to set a current JSW Group Development Strategy.

Changes within the organization

The changes that have recently occurred within the organization include mainly the construction of a new Jastrzębie-Bzie mine, acquisition of Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Szybów S.A. aimed at ensuring execution of shaft and horizontal works planned in the Strategy, increasing the number of coal-face crews working in the mines – making it possible to increase the volume of roadways excavated with own resources, taking over part of the works associated with methane drainage in the mines and computerization of the entire production line, including construction of a 3D deposit model for better planning of production and quality of the coal expected by business partners.

The project-based management of the projects/investments of key importance for the Organization as well as research and development and organizational efforts implemented since 2017 is an integral part of execution of the Strategy. The adopted and implemented JSW Group Program and Project Management Methodology makes it possible to manage strategic projects in a systematized and uniform manner (for all JSW Group companies). Thanks to the implemented project management system, regular information is obtained about the status of execution of the strategic objectives defined in the Strategy.

Gradual transformation of the JSW Group into a Project Organization associated with the dynamic development of the project management process in the JSW Group, the increasing number of projects/investments included in the project management system, their complexity and interdisciplinarity contributes to expanding the knowledge in the area of project management, which directly translates into an increase in the competences of the entire Organization.

Key assumptions of the Strategy

JSW Group’s strategy rests on 5 pillars, allowing for implementation of the organization’s mission and vision:

  • Developing the resource base – boosting coal production to approximately 18 mt and raising the percentage of coking coal output to 85%
  • Improving efficiency – optimizing costs in the coal – coke production cycle, creating an effective model for the coal and coke group
  • Diversification – achieving a diversified source of revenue
  • Innovation – implementation of technical and technological solutions
  • People and the environment Supporting the local community, CSR, caring for the environment

The implemented business model of the JSW Group assumes integration of ongoing operations within the Group’s value chain. The model assumes full integration of the value chain by elevating the intensity of long-term cooperation with customers in order to secure an appropriate level of output on a sustainable basis, taking into account the expectations of the remaining stakeholders.

The recommended model of operation of the JSW Group

This model provides for full integration of the value chain through execution of strategic objectives:

Our main strategic objective is to increase the value of the JSW Group.

Main objectives:

  • Achieve the average EBITDA margin of at least 25% in the 2020-2030 period.
  • Develop the coking coal resource base through development investments to open up new deposits and new mining levels.
  • Increase the percentage of coking coal produced and sold with stable and desirable quality parameters to above 85% from 2021.
  • Revenue diversification:
    - Generating 10% of revenue on average in 2020-2030 on the sale of products unrelated to core business,
    - Geographic diversification.
  • Safe JSW – further increase our high safety standards.
  • Efficient JSW:
    - Work intensity ratio at the level of at least 4.5 running meters/thous. tons per year,
    - Optimize the structure and level of costs by applying innovative solutions,
    - Ensure efficient use of hydrocarbons and strive to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Supporting objectives:

  • Learning organization – knowledge management and continuous improvement.
  • Curtailing our impact on the environment.
  • Stable employer developing employee competence.
  • Flexible Organization 4.0 – growth through innovation.

Development plan

JSW Group’s development plan defines the basic assumptions for the directions and possibilities of development in the long run. The plan calls for executing developmental processes chiefly based on the development of core business, without precluding development through acquisitions of attractive assets and entities, as elements of potential diversification and evaluation of the business model through:

  • Developing the mining segment and opening up deposits in new areas, including the construction of the mine in the Bzie-Dębina area
  • Optimization efforts in the mining and coking segments and activities improving integration between these two operating segments
  • Ensuring energy self-sufficiency through the development of production capacities based on methane captured during coal production and coke oven gas produced during coke production
  • Implementation of the Quality Program – modeling production and deposit schedules, ongoing monitoring and supervision over the quality of the JSW Group’s products, introduction of innovative exploration techniques
  • Expanding the range of products and services offered by Jastrzębskie Zakłady Remontowe (JZR Development)
  • Developing the activity related to roadway excavation and implementing modern technologies for building and deepening shafts
  • Growing operating efficiency in core and auxiliary business
  • Implementing solutions to curtail the environmental impact
  • Implementing innovative solutions
  • Development of the IT systems and infrastructure

The objective of the JSW Group is also to take actions to benefit of the climate and the environment. We are planning to reduce the carbon footprint by 2025 by roughly 1.5 Mg million of CO2e versus 2017.The Group’s priorities are to act responsibly on the basis of the highest standards concerning the environment, safety and product quality and to be consistent in undertaking environmental tasks

We minimize our impact on the environment and maximize the efficiency of our operations.