General Terms and Conditions of Sale

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In addition to a number of regulations supporting the process of selling coal, coke and hydrocarbons, JSW SA is introducing General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the so-called GTCs.

The document is intended to systematize the sales process carried out in the offer procedure, i.e. not confirmed by the Parties with a written commercial contract.  It is a document containing all the relevant terms, regulations and rules of cooperation between the Parties, including the scope of rights and obligations of the Parties to the transaction, thus providing both the Business Partners and the Company with real support in concluding business transactions.

The GTCs have been prepared in accordance with applicable laws, commercial practice, as well as based on the guidelines and principles followed by the Company in its relations with its Business Partners, which are reflected in the adopted policies, bylaws and other regulations supporting the sales process.

Familiarization with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and their acceptance by the Buyer for application without any deviations, modifications and qualifications is an obligatory condition for the conclusion of the sales transaction. Also, the actual entry of the Buyer into the transaction will be treated as unconditional acceptance of the GTCs and acceptance of their application.