Coke and By-Products

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. offers for sale dry- and wet-quenched coke and coke by- products produced by coke plants belonging to JSW KOKS S.A. i.e.:

Coke Plant Przyjaźń in Dąbrowa Górnicza and coke plants belonging  to former  Kombinat Koksochemiczny „Zabrze” i.e.: Coke Plant Radlin, Coke Plant Jadwiga oraz Coke Plant Dębieńsko.

We kindly invite you to contact the Sales Office for more detailed information:

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ProductsBrand nameGraining
Blast furnace cokeBlast furnace coke "D"25-80; 30-80/90
Blast furnace coke25/30-80/90
Metallurgical cokeMetallurgical coke gat I25-80
Metallurgical coke gat IIgraining to be adjusted as needed
Metallurgical coke gat III
Foundry cokeFoundry coke +80+80
Foundry coke 60-10060-100
Industrial cokeNut coke I crushed30/40-60
Nut coke II "D"20-40
Nut coke II crushed20-40
Nut coke II "NF" crushed20-40
Pea coke "D"5/10-25
Pea coke10-20/25/30
Pea coke "NF"10-25; 5-20
Coek breeze "D"0-3/5/10
Domestic cokeMedium/Large+40; 25-80
Nut coke I40-60
Nut coke II20-40
"D" – dry quenched coke
"NF" – low phosphorus coke


Liquid sulphurSulphur content: min. 99,90%
Acid components content: max 0,01%
Organic matter content: max 0,02%
Ash content: max 0,08%
Crude benzolDensity at 20°C: max 0,887 g/cm3
Simple distillation 180°C: min. 95%
Crude tarWater content: max 5%
Density at 20°C: max 1,22 g/cm3
Ammonium sulfateWater content: max 2%
Nitrogen content N2 : min. 20%
Sulphuric acid content, H2SO4 : max 0,3%