Data for 2021 years

Financial results by areas of activity

The structure of the Group's revenues on external sales by segment

SpecificationI-III 2021I-III 2020I-III 2019I-III 2018I-III 2017I-III 2016I-III 2015I-III 2014
Coke and coal derivatives48,8%48,2%44,3%41,0%32,6%41,8%43,1%52,7%
Other business5,3%5,1%2,7%2,4%2,7%9,0%7,5%6,4%

The Group's results with split into individual areas (segments) of activity

Financial results by operating segmentsfor the period ended
31 March 202131 March 202031 March 201931 March 201831 March 201731 March 201631 March 201531 March 2014
in PLN millions
Hard coal mining and sales        
Sales revenues to external customers917,6918,11 319,51 419,81 537,8690,1894,6679,7
Operating profit of the segment (398,6) (203,5)352,4980,01 139,2 (121,4) (218,5) (139,2)
EBITDA (143,7)41,2541,71 126,11 297,350,733,894,5
Production and sale of coke and coal derivatives        
Sales revenues to external customers974,7947,71 101,61 029,9774,7586,2780,7876,5
Adjustment of sales revenues on account of execution of hedging transactions* (0,4) (1,4)------
Operating profit of the segment211,7 (6,2)100,230,9 (71,5) (10,3)2,125,9
EBITDA239,819,9125,655,7 (48,2)25,546,774,7
Other business        
Sales revenues to external customers106,2100,267,060,963,5125,9134,8107,5
Operating profit of the segment24,529,427,730,313,335,726,930,4

* he item results from a change in the presentation rules applied by the Group as of 1 January 2021 and pertains to reclassification of the effective result in connection with execution of the hedged position from other comprehensive income to profit or loss. See Additional information to quarterly report page 4.                                                                   
Source: Additional information for the consolidated quarterly report of the Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. Capital Group for the period of 3 months ended 31 March 2021