Code of Ethics of the JSW Group

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The position of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. and the entire JSW Group entails a huge ethical commitment. What is particularly important is the obligation to develop appropriate responsible and ethical patterns of behavior. 

JSW Group’s Code of Ethics is a collection of prevailing standards and values at each position and level in the entire JSW Group. JSW Group’s Code of Ethics is a basic tool that supports the development of desired conduct and enforcement of possible violations of those ethical standards. The Code also reflects JSW’s ethical, anti-discriminatory and, to some extent, anti-corruption policies. It establishes the procedures of reporting violations and irregularities, non-compliance with legal obligations, threats to occupational health and safety, health of customers and bystanders, environmental safety, unfair competition practices and attempts to conceal any of the above. It provides an opportunity for all employees, regardless of their position, to report problems at a high level.

As the JSW Group, we want to join the world leaders in corporate social responsibility, observance of human rights, environmental protection and prevention of corruption and abuse both within the JSW Group and around it. As a consequence, we have introduced a universal email address [email protected] used for daily communication regarding ethical matters. The communication should serve conveyance of information on any and all breaches of the Code, occurrence of phenomena that are important from the perspective of ethics and are not captured in the code, and suggestions regarding improvement of the procedures in place in the company. All such suggestions and notifications are confidential.