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Mines 360

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About our project

The “Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa Mines 360o” materials are aimed at bringing you closer to mining work, unknown to the general public and often mythologized, in a modern and innovative way. They were created and produced by employees of the JSW Group, in particular of JSW S.A., JSW Szkolenie i Górnictwo Sp. z o.o. and JSW IT Systems Sp. z o.o. The project may be developed further by adding to it new facilities and places or taking a more in-depth approach to looking at specific jobs for the purpose of dedicated OSH training.

Unlike in an ‘ordinary’ video, the use of a camera recording 360o images enables the viewer to see everything around, as if being in the center of events.

We offer you – without leaving the comfort of your home – a stroll down representative facilities and locations of our Company, creating a realistic image of a coal mine. Our multimedia stroll will take you along a miner’s daily trail, letting you take a closer look at what is happening to coal and accompanying methane down at the bottom and on the surface of the mine. The heart of our project is a kind of mosaic consisting of several dozen videos with a variety of visuals, photos and clips “from the life of the mine,” coupled with interesting facts and information about the risks awaiting miners.

Our app takes users on a stroll along a pre-planned route. However, you may also – using your mouse or touchpad – explore the mine on your own by making your selection from a user-friendly menu of interesting places and then choosing the direction of your walk. Our app will let you look around the mine and familiarize yourself with interesting educational materials regarding various places encountered ‘along the way’ (hotspots, “Did you know that...?”, “Where is it?”). Immersing yourself in virtual reality using VR goggles will provide you with an unforgettable experience and close contact with the mine’s daily life, although no educational materials are available at this point for users of this option. For health safety reasons, it is necessary to read the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer of your VR goggles, as not all people may safely use them.

We hope that our 360o video materials will be interesting to watch for a broad audience and will serve as an inspiration for their exchange of opinions on the difficult and dangerous but at the same time interesting work of a miner.

So, take a look for yourself at the inside of a coal mine without any visual improvements or retouching, or – as people say these days – no cap.

Desktop, laptop and tablet computers:
- web browser: Google Chrome (latest three versions), Mozilla Firefox (latest three versions)
- operating system: Windows 10/11
- processor: Intel i3, i5, i7 of generation 8 or higher, equivalent AMD or better
- RAM: at least 8 GB, recommended 16 GB
- available hard disk space: 15 GB
- Internet connection: speed – 20 Mbps