Quality Management System

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The quality management system functioning within the framework of the Integrated Management System at Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. provides its customers with grounds for trust and belief that the Company is able to achieve its goals for the fulfilment of customers’ requirements and allows it to develop the image of a reliable enterprise.

The efficiency of the quality management system is measured by the feedback received from the customers. In practice, measuring customer satisfaction means that key customers fill in questionnaires, and voice their comments and remarks in the course of direct business relations. This provides the Company with the relevant data for improving the product, and material for analysis necessary for management system review.

The objective of the quality policy is to fulfil the customers’ expectations by supplying them with products which correspond to their needs and comply with the requirements set forth in the contracts signed by them.

The quality management system focuses, in particular, on process optimisation and enhancing the corporate culture.