Trend toward a circular economy

JSW Group’s Environmental Strategy up to 2030 with an Outlook to 2050
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The JSW Group manages waste taking into account the waste hierarchy, reducing its negative impact on human life and health and on the natural environment. Waste is managed in accordance with environmental protection principles, in clearly specified directions, in a rational and planned manner, but above all taking into consideration economic and social circumstances, technological conditions and those connected with circular economy (CE) assumptions. 


Minimizing the stream of waste produced, continuous monitoring and segregation of production waste.

Previous initiatives:

  • Rational waste management, planned and consistent approach – Mining Waste Management Strategy.
  • Implementing circular economy principles in selected areas of activity
  • Production of aggregate from mining waste.
  • Economic utilization of mining waste and aggregate for reclamation of transformed areas.    
  • Selective waste collection projects, analysis of available waste management opportunities.
  • Optimization of the mining process.


  • Implementation of projects to reduce quantities of waste rock through optimization of mining processes.
  • Planning and development of improved waste management processes.
  • Technological readiness to produce and sell mining rock aggregates.
  • Reducing the quantity of non-mining waste generated.

Group’s planned expenditures till 2030

  • Measures associated with rational management of waste and reclamation of land ~ PLN 0.1 billion