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Our business partner has extended support to the victims’ families

Voestalpine, an Austrian company has transferred EUR 130 thousand to the families of the victims of the mining accidents that took place in Pniówek and Zofiówka in April of this year.

photo: Dawid Lach

The money transferred by Voestalpine was donated to the JSW Foundation which will distribute these funds to the 26 families. Each family will receive approximately PLN 20 thousand.

- Voestalpine is one of our key partners. We are glad that we can also count on them in dramatic circumstances such as in these mining catastrophes. Naturally, the funds donated by this company will not compensate for the tragedy that struck our employees and their loved ones, but they will certainly help their families. We are grateful for such a noble gesture - says Sebastian Bartos– Vice-President of the JSW Management Board for Sales.

Voestalpine is one of the JSW Group’s strategic partners. It is a global leader in steel manufacturing and processing. Its business is predicated on cooperating with the automobile, rail, aviation and oil industries. It is noteworthy that it is one of the JSW Group’s strategic partners in terms of the offtake of coal and coke.

- Helping these families is something we do naturally. It follows from our long-lasting cooperation with Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. Our business relations with JSW are not just a matter of cooperation in the here and now, but of the partnership between our companies, which we have been pursuing and developing for many years. This help demonstrates our solidarity with all of our partner’s families - said Horst Panzer, Managing Director of Voestalpine.

The visit paid by Voestalpine’s representatives to the Budryk mine in Ornontowice served as an opportunity for us to extend our thanks to Voestalpine.

- We greatly appreciate this gesture. The staff will most assuredly appreciate it, too. We would like to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts on behalf of the families of the injured miners - said Sławomir Kozłowski, Chairman of Solidarność in JSW.

Let’s recall what happened. A mining accident took place on 20 April 2022 in Pniówek, followed three days later by another mining accident in the Zofiówka Section. As a result, 19 employees perished, and another 7 were declared missing. The miners are in an isolated region around longwall N-6 in the Pniówek mine. Fire prevention efforts are still in progress there. The State Mining Authority and the District Prosecution Authority in Gliwice are investigating the causes of, and the circumstances relating to, these two accidents.

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