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Reopening of the rescue operation

This Saturday (February 4th), a rescue operation will begin with the goal of reaching the seven missing miners. This was announced today by Edward Paździorko, JSW Vice-President for Technical and Operational Matters, at a press conference held in the Pniówek Mine.

photo: Dawid Lach

The rescue operation will consist of two stages. In the first stage, the sealed area will be reduced. Only after it has been penetrated, a decision on further action will be possible.

- The operation will be carried out in difficult microclimatic conditions, for which an adequate number of rescue teams is required. All stages of re-entry into the sealed region must be carried out following a rescue operation procedure - explained Edward Paździorko, JSW Vice-President. - We will conduct the work in stages to ensure that the mine rescuers are safe, because this is the most important consideration - Edward Paździorko emphasized.

The first stage of the rescue operation will enable an assessment of the situation in the N-6 longwall area and then a decision will be made whether a completely new working should be made to enable faster access to the missing miners. So far, three boreholes drilled in the N-6 excavated ramp have allowed for a preliminary assessment of the parameters in the sealed area.

- During the planned operation, a portion of the mine will be shut down for mining. In the first stage, the sealed field will be reduced and we will be able to restore air flow, check the condition of the workings and get closer to the people we left below - said Marian Zmarzły, director of the Pniówek Mine, adding: - The mine is already considering the second stage and how to reach the missing miners directly using the shortest route possible. We expect to use the opened working and to drill a completely new one in order to reach the missing people safely. This could take from four to six months.

About 90 mining teams from all mines of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa Group will take part in the rescue operation. They will be searching for two miners and five mine rescuers missing underground. The first stage of the rescue operation will take about three days to complete.

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