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They helped Santa Claus

JSW's employees once again showed that they can share their Christmas gifts. Thanks to them, children from the poorest families and wards of orphanages will have a joyful Christmas.

photo: Mateusz Paszek

The "Let's Help Santa" campaign has been regularly organized by JSW's Corporate Social Responsibility Team for several years now. This year its effects surpassed the organizers' wildest expectations. The initiative has drawn a lot of donors and a record number of gifts have been collected.

"You can always count on JSW employees. They proved once again how huge their hearts and sensitivity are. Over 200 children from three local orphanages and the poorest families will find plenty of fantastic presents under their Christmas trees," said Agnieszka Barzycka, Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Team at JSW.

The biggest attraction for the youngest kids were toys, books, puzzles, mascots and sweets. The older ones received mainly cosmetics, school supplies, books and games. Only new items were collected, so Santa got only gifts purchased specifically for the campaign.

"I would like to thank all JSW employees for all the support, help, and kindness that we can count on for many years. Christmas is a difficult time for our children, because each of them would like to spend this time at home. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Thanks to the support and assistance of JSW's employees, during this Christmas time our children can feel happy, important and appreciated at least for a moment" said Iwona Spora, director of the "Przystań" Child and Family Support Centre in Pszczyna.

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