Abuse and manipulation on TVN24’s Superwizjer

In connection with the documentary feature “Abuse and irregularities in Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa” broadcast on 15 February 2020 on TVN24’s Superwizjer show, the JSW SA Management Board wishes to comment that the material presented on TVN24 contained false information about our company that portrayed JSW SA in a bad light.

In particular, an example of manipulation were the allegations that JSW had transferred PLN 15 million to SG. The JSW SA Management Board wishes to make it very clear that the Company did not transfer such an amount to SG. Also false was the information that JSW’s budget for 2018 contained the amount of PLN 15 million earmarked for SG.

Moreover, none of the alleged irregularities discussed in TVN24’s material related to the handling of extracted coal ever occurred.

The program presented, among others, information obtained from one of JSW’s former employees against whom disciplinary measures had been taken leading to his dismissal from work for a serious breach of employee duties. The legality of the grounds for his dismissal was confirmed by the National Labor Inspectorate. The said former employee is in a court dispute against JSW.

It is unacceptable to undermine trust in a stock exchange-listed company on the basis of slander and misinformation. The Company’s management will not tolerate any attempts at defamation of the good name of JSW SA or its employees. For this reason, the Company’s management will take appropriate legal action.