JSW spreads its wings in the Silicon Valley

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa became a partner of the Science and Technology Symposium “Silicon Valley Poland Days 2019” organized by the US-Polish Trade Council on the Stanford University campus from 1 to 3 May. Agnieszka Hankus-Kubica, Vice-President of JSW Innowacje, presented the company’s ambitious plans of developing groundbreaking technologies and the first deployments of the unique PANSA UTM POWERED BY HAWK-E system.

This year’s symposium was held under the banner of “Digital Disruption” and featured Polish and US scientists, experts, economic operators and representatives of the governmental administration debating on the influence of new technological solutions on the economy as well as the opportunities and risks involved in the digital revolution.  The participants of the three-day symposium exchanged their knowledge and experience as regards innovative digital technologies that contribute to building the new economy 4.0, smart cities, cyber-security, modern healthcare, finance, modern power generation and mining industry.

“JSW and JSW Innowacje consistently seek solutions, technologies and systems to enhance the potential and capabilities of the JSW Group. Our participation in the organization of the international conference with the US-Polish Trade Council in Palo Alto serves the purpose of building business relationships with US enterprises and the scientific community,” said Dr. Agnieszka Hankus-Kubica, Vice-President of JSW Innowacje. “In cooperation with the world scientific and business elite, we seek innovative solutions that could later be implemented in the mining industry. We discuss prospective projects, research and development programs which will contribute to increased production efficiency.   We have demonstrated out technological innovations that enable the construction of the air traffic control infrastructure for unmanned aerial vehicles, e.g. the first local air traffic control system (DTM), which was implemented for the purpose of managing air traffic above the Port of Gdynia.”

JSW took part in the key debate “Electromobility and Autonomous Transport”. The panel Chairman, prof. Piotr Moncarz from Stanford University, and a panel participant, Artur Chmielewski from NASA, prof. Anna Timofiejczuk from the Silesian University of Technology, Dr. Krzysztof Szczerba from Finisar, and Dr. Agnieszka Hankus-Kubica, JSW Innowacje, despite the thematic diversity of their presentations, confirmed the inevitability of the development of autonomous means of transport based on renewable energy sources.                               

 “This year’s US-Polish Symposium makes you realize that a Copernican digital breakthrough is underway and has been already affecting the socioeconomic environments in Poland, the USA and all over the world. Enterprises must develop innovative technologies and prioritize research and development. It is the only way for them to build a strong market position for themselves. It must be remembered that abandoning such actions will result in an enterprise being eliminated from the market that is evolving continuously and rapidly,” said Piotr Moncarz, a Stanford University professor, Chairman and Co-Founder of the US-Polish Trade Council.

This year’s symposium was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Center for Research and Development.

The US-Polish Trade Council is an organization pursuing activities for the idea of multidimensional Poland-USA cooperation in the area of trade, science and research as well as technology exchange and development.

The JSW Group is the largest producer of high quality hard coking coal in the European Union and one of the leading producers of coke used for smelting steel. Production and sale of coking coal and production and sale of coke and hydrocarbons constitute the JSW Group’s core business.

JSW Innowacje provides the research and development support for the entire JSW Group. The Company’s activity covers all phases of R&D activity of the JSW Group, reaching as far as feasibility studies and oversight over execution of projects and implementations.

HAWK-E is JSW Innowacje’s special-purpose vehicle established to implement products developed as part of the R&D works concerned with unmanned technologies. HAWK-E specializes in autonomous systems, air traffic management for unmanned aircraft, and transport of the future. The company’s products can be and are used in various sectors of the industry, including the mining sector.