JSW responsible in action

Removing negative effects of mining is one of the objectives of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, which does not avoid responsibility for its operations. On the one hand, JSW does everything to mitigate possible impact on the environment, and on the other it tries to reclaim degraded areas. A proof of this responsibility is the invitation of experts from the Silesian University to cooperate at the International Mining Forum 2019.

One of the longest sessions, and at the same time one of the most significant issues discussed during this year’s edition of the IMF was that concerning ecology. The session “Green scenarios – responsible in action” on the second day of the Forum in the International Congress Center in Katowice brought together experts from several European countries, including Dr. Anne Wheeler, who talked about water resources management on areas transformed by humans, and Prof. Jorg Dettmar, who presented a paper on the 20 years of German experience in interdisciplinary approach to post-industrial area management. “Drawing on British experience is extremely important to us, we appreciate very much any information regarding the removal of the effects of industrial activity,” Daniel Ozon, president of the management board of JSWsaid during the panel. “Our engagement inreclamation of post-industrial areas is our ethical commitment.”

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa invited experts from the Silesian University to cooperate on this matter. Also the university special purpose vehicle SPIN-US participated in the signing of the letter of intent.

The letter of intent concerns above all cooperation between business and science. The project will focus on using the expertise of the scientists from the Biology Department of the Silesian University to increase the value of the areas which were degraded or destroyed as a result of mining operations,” said Katarzyna Papież-Pawełczak, president of the management board of SPIN-US. “JSW presented this problem to the Silesian University, and we will try to respond to this need. SPIN-US is a company which commercializes knowledge and technology for industry, so we are an entity which brings these two worlds together. The point is to use this knowledge for the benefit of JSW.

The experts will focus, among others, on the areas in Dębieńsko. The leader of research projects is Prof. Gabriela Woźniak from the Silesian University. The scientist envisage consolidation of the ecosystems developed on these areas and their multiplication, which should contribute not only to the improved condition of the natural environment, but also improved quality of life for people by the increased environmental value of the areas transformed as a result of human activity.