Sixth day of the search in Zofiówka

Search and rescue dogs have now been brought into the search operation and they have identified two trails. Rescue workers started to penetrate that spot; however, they have not found any of the missing miners.

Presently 8 rescue crews are working in the mining pit. 34 rescue crews have been mobilized to participate in the rescue operation. The damaged conveyor belts and other elements of underground infrastructure are being removed to free up a passageway to the flooded area. The rescue workers have roughly another 75 m to penetrate the mining pit. Significant progress has been made in pumping out water. From the time when the pump and hose system started to operate, the water surface of the flooded area has subsided by 60 cm. The methane concentration in the area at risk has remained at a safe level. “We are intensifying our work to pump out the water as soon as possible and bring in rescue workers to access the next part of the roadway. The flooded area should be fully drained sometime tonight”, said Daniel Ozon, CEO of JSW.

The borehole from round-shaped tunnel F to roadway H-10 has probably proven to be inexpedient. At present, the drillers are checking the trajectory of the borehole and at the same time another one is being drilled.

As the CEO of JSW has already reported, the Ministry of National Defense and the Navy have declared their assistance. They have brought specialist equipment to Zofiówka which they are using to conduct the underwater search. “Since this equipment is powered by electricity, it cannot be used to penetrate the mining pit at present. Equipment and operators to operate them are poised and ready the entire time. We have amassed many people and a lot of equipment to participate in the rescue operation to make it possible to evacuate the miners. All of them are working with enormous determination”, said Daniel Ozon, CEO of JSW.

Another press conference will be called if new material information regarding the rescue operation emerges.