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Support for families

The funeral ceremonies for the miners who died in the Pniówek and Zofiówka Section mines ended this week. The families of the victims and the injured miners are not left alone - they can count on help and support.

Currently, the JSW management board and the managers of both mines are assisting, among others, with the formalities related to insurance, compensation and social issues. The staff of both mines are in constant contact with the families of the injured. The JSW Management Board has made a decision to write off the miners' due parts of the free coal allowance and to pay their families the death benefit irrespective of the insurance benefits.

- We do not forget the families affected by the tragedy in Pniówek and Zofiówka. It is our duty to take care of them not only during the rescue operation, but also now, when the formalities have to be settled. The JSW Management Board, the managers of the mines and the presidents of the subsidiaries will do everything to ensure that this process runs smoothly, without unnecessary delay, with the least possible burden on families - said Tomasz Cudny, CEO of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa.      

Thanks to the support of PZU Życie and JSU (the company dealing with insurance and travel in the JSW Group), the families of the injured will be able to use a simplified procedure to obtain benefits under the group insurance for JSW Group employees. PZU Życie has decided to make advance payments of benefits under accident insurance while the patients are still undergoing treatment.

The insurance company InterRisk has also introduced a special, simplified procedure for settling claims reported under accident insurance. Among other things, the procedure involves granting the benefit within 3 business days based on the necessary documents. The insurance company has also introduced advance payment of injury benefits, despite the fact that the treatment is not yet completed.

All of these actions will significantly speed up the benefit payout process and support the care of the injured miners and their families.

Additionally, PZU Życie offers the possibility of organizing a two-week therapeutic and recreational stay for children of the injured miners. Such a trip would be prepared by the "Teddy Bears Save Children" association in a seaside resort near Kołobrzeg or the "Siemacha" association in a resort near Tarnów. These are facilities that specialize in providing psychological help to children who have lost family stability. During the camp participants will be provided with psychological care, accommodation and full board. All forms of assistance are completely free of charge.

In addition, JSU has come up with an initiative to organize a holiday for families of the injured miners in its resort in Zakopane. Support for the families was also declared by some of JSW's contractors, including Voestalpine of Austria. The families can also count on the support of the Mining Families Foundation, which has organized a special collection of money for the families of the victims injured in the Pniówek and Zofiówka mine disasters.



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