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Virtual reality will improve miner safety

Virtual reality technology will be used in the process of training JSW employees. The aim is to improve miner safety. A digital learning project - SENSE VR is in the final stages of research work. This is a joint venture of a consortium formed by JSW Innowacje with JSW Szkolenie i Górnictwo and the Central Mining Institute. The project was subsidized by the National Center for Research and Development.

photo: Mateusz Paszek

- Work safety is one of the key elements of personnel training at Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. In these activities, VR technology opens up entirely new possibilities. The realistic reproduction of work underground in digital space allows the trainees not only to consolidate and supplement their theoretical knowledge, but also to develop appropriate procedures for dealing with dangerous situations, which we would not be able to create in real conditions - said Aldona Urbanek from JSW Szkolenie i Górnictwo.

An important element of the project is the close cooperation between each of the three consortium members. The Central Mining Institute, analyzing reports of mining accidents in JSW mines, is preparing three training scenarios.

- The training scenarios developed cover actual accidents that occurred in coal mines in recent years. Their selection was based on the analysis of the documentation obtained from the State Mining Authority and reports on the status of OHS in JSW SA. The plot of the training is designed in a way that allows participants to choose an individual path of action and gives them a real impact on how it ends - said Szymon Łagosz from the Central Mining Institute.

The project is led by JSW Innowacje, which is also the main executor of the programming part, developing an application using virtual reality technology.

- In addition to the development of the graphics and 3D models of machines and facilities used in the scenario by the Central Mining Institute, we create a VR environment in which up to 5 students will be able to interact with each other at the same time. Another innovative solution will be the adoption of tracking algorithms so that the application adjusts itself to the skills and competence level of the trainee - emphasised Krzysztof Kaźmierczak, manager of the V project team at JSW Innowacje.

The didactic part of the project is up to JSW Szkolenie i Górnictwo. Their trainers conduct trial classes where miners test the application's performance, reporting their concerns and comments. Based on these, the JSW Innowacje team improves the performance of the software. This way a modern educational tool is being developed. It will make it possible to more effectively and efficiently raise the level of safety knowledge not only among miners, but also among people just starting work in the JSW Group.

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