Above all, quality

The conference devoted to practical applications of modern technologies in mining lasted two days. Geology, mining, information technology and geodesy were the leading topics of the on-line meeting co-organized by Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa.

photo: Dawid Lach

“Mining Geomatics – the role of geoinformation in digital transformation of spatial mining data” was the title of the conference comprising over twenty papers divided into four thematic sessions. The participants of the on-line event learned about the solutions applied in Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa in quality management and coking coal production planning and scheduling.

– It was a conference for experts: miners, chemists and processing specialists, because we have concluded that we should share our experience, says Artur Dyczko, acting President of the JSW Management Board. – Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa is a learning and constantly developing organization, therefore we must constantly train our employees, keeping track of the latest developments. Only then can we hope that our mining and coking operations will be more efficient - adds Artur Dyczko.

During the conference much attention was devoted to the technical solutions that support geological information management and production planning. The organizers, i.e. JSW SA, JSW IT Systems, JSW Szkolenie i Górnictwo, and the Mining Geomatics Committee at the Polish Association for Spatial Information at the AGH University of Science and Technology, adopted an assumption that it is worth sharing the experience pertaining to managing the quality of the conducted mining operations and of the sold raw material. – The most important factor is the digital revolution which entails, among other things, transitioning from analogue maps to digital scheduling. Today, we all work using modern tools and we know how to program quality, starting already from the mining of the deposit. We look at the quality of our raw material and the quality of the final product and what we want to sell to our customers has to have consistent, high parameters. Shortly speaking, we have to select the longwalls to be mined in such a way as to sell the product at a good price - says Aleksandra Burczyk, Director of the Quality Department at JSW.

In this context the word “quality” has been used in various combinations. – Finally the quality of the mineral has been properly displayed. The main focus has always been on the output, but this conference attached the right importance to quality. We work towards a point when quality will occupy an increasingly prominent place - believes professor Marek Marcisz from the Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation Faculty at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice who participated in the conference.

The on-line meeting also comprised presentation of geoinformation solutions supporting spatial information management and papers describing, among others, the possibilities offered by the use of laser scanners in mining and forecasting of land deformations. – The papers presented during the conference turned out very practical and valuable, because perfectly prepared speakers presented resolution of specific problems they face in their work - believes Artur Krawczyk, PhD, from the Faculty of Mining Surveying at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.