Rescue workers are pumping out the water

During the last hour the level of the water surface has fallen by approximately 15 centimeters. Despite that, the flooded area still prevents us from searching the entire section of the roadway.

Water is flowing into the flooded area from two directions forming an intersection. The composite slurry pump is operating effectively, and the water surface is steadily receding. Structural elements strengthening the intersection of the H-10 roadway and the H-2 roadway under the longwall are emerging.

One week has transpired since the accident at Zofiówka occurred. The powerful shock wave took place at the 900 m level. Two miners lost their lives, the two rescued miners have now left the hospital and the search for three miners continues. This is one of the most difficult rescue operations in JSW’s history. Approximately one thousand people are taking part. Miners’ families and rescue workers alike are receiving ongoing psychological care.