JSW with new concessions

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa enters the new year with new coal mining concessions which will guarantee the Company’s continuous operation until 2051. The new concessions cover the Pniówek, Szczygłowice, Jas-Mos 1 and Bzie-Dębina 1 Zachód coal deposits. Moreover, the periods of validity of the mining concessions for the Budryk and Knurów deposits have been extended.

Currently, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa holds 11 mining concessions covering a total area of almost 210 square kilometers and resources estimated at over 1.2 billion tons of coking coal. To date, JSW’s mines have been operating based on mining concessions granted in 1993-1994. Because those concessions were issued for a period of 25 years, most of them either expired in 2019 or will expire this year. To enable JSW’s mines to continue their mining operations, it was necessary to obtain new concessions or extend the validity periods of existing concessions. The process or obtaining new concessions and extending existing ones took a long time (over 4 years) but was successful owing to a great deal of commitment and dedication on the part of individuals involved in obtaining the concessions, especially in light of the fact that during this process the law governing the granting of concessions was amended. The new regulations have vested local communities and environmental organizations with significant powers, which are not always conducive to the business of mining undertakings.

The validity period of the concession for the Borynia deposit still needs to be extended, because the current one expires on 31 December 2025. In the coming years, JSW will apply for an extension of the concession period until at least 2042.

JSW’s concessions and their dates of validity

Zofiówka deposit valid until 31 December 2042

Jas-Mos 1 deposit valid until 31 December 2025

Bzie-Dębina 1-Zachód deposit valid until 31 December 2051

Bzie-Dębina 2-Zachód deposit valid until 31 December 2042

Budryk deposit valid until 31 December 2043

Chudów-Paniowy 1 deposit valid until 31 December 2044

Knurów deposit valid until 15 April 2044

Szczygłowice deposit valid until 31 December 2040

Pniówek deposit valid until 31 December 2051

Pawłowice 1 deposit valid until 31 December 2051