Jarosław Kluczniok

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Jarosław Kluczniok

Vice-President of the Management Board for Development

Areas of management:

  • Overseeing all of the Company’s operations, including in particular: development, innovation and computerization, strategy and energy management.

Jarosław Kluczniok is an experienced manager and business expert with significant experience gained mainly in the international business environment while working for companies with an established market position and history. His management and market experience includes countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa.

His business activities to date have spanned various sectors, such as energy, mining, oil and gas, chemicals and commodity logistics. With strong financial acumen and operational expertise, he consistently achieved balanced short- and long-term goals, creating significant shareholder value.

He holds a Master's degree from the Higher School of Business National-Louis University in Nowy Sącz and a Bachelor's degree from National Louis University in Chicago. He was also a fellow in the International Business Marketing Program at Dalarna University in Sweden. In addition, he is a graduate of the LOT Polish Airlines Pilot Academy.

Privately, a lover of winter sports and civil aviation.