Value creation model

In its core business, JSW Group uses financial, production, intellectual, social, human and natural capital in a way that ensures it is properly transformed. Through a range of internal procedures and regulations, JSW Group's entire value-creation process is aligned with sustainable development.

Taking into account the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and with a view toward applying the best international standards and practices, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa is for the fifth time publishing its results in an integrated manner. We want to present a description of our business that goes beyond operating and financial indicators. We are certain that framing the Company's situation in a multi-dimensional context that encompasses a wide array of non-financial information will let you get a better understanding of the decisions made in 2022, our business model and our perspectives for the future.

This integrated report is first and foremost a tale of how we create value - not just for the Group but also for our surroundings: shareholders, the economy and local communities, employees and business partners, science and the natural environment. We hope that the way we present information will also expand the report's user base. By changing the scope of the presented data, we are in no way limiting access to the key indicators that are of value to capital market participants. We want our report to remain a valuable and useful tool for investors and media representatives - the widest group of readers.