Innovation management

Under the JSW Group’s previous operating model, JSW Innowacje S.A. was the company dedicated to the support of the core business and providing research and development facilities for the entire JSW Group. On 17 August 2022, JSW Innowacje changed its business profile, redefined its business model and changed its name to JSW Nowe Projekty (JSW New Projects). Its activities were restricted to projects related to circular economy, renewable energy projects and hydrogen economy. JSW S.A.’s innovation activities were limited to projects related to the Company’s core business and transferred to the Development, Innovation and Computerization Office.


2022 2021
Group 17,8 39,5
JSW 10,7 13,0
Number of filings for trademarks and industrial designs in the Group 3 2
Number of projects run in the Group:
TOTAL 15 38
NEW 6 11
including INITIATIVES 9 -
Percentage of capital expenditures spent on R&D
versus the Group’s sales revenue
0,05% 0,20%

The achieved indicators in 2022 are derived from the restructuring process of the R&D area, after the completion of which the Group expects to improve the above-mentioned indicators in the R&D&I area

In 2022, the research and innovation function focused on modern solutions in the mining, coking and environmental protection areas. The ability to review R&D&I projects in the real environment of the JSW Group and the acquired knowledge enable the management to develop the JSW Group in the right direction and to further optimize production processes.

 The JSW Group’s strategy for the innovation (R&D&I) area is a response to the evolving market, technological and regulatory conditions in which a modern mining sector company operates.

As part of the R&D&I Strategy and Policy, efforts were underway in 2022 to test and implement innovative solutions across the coal and coke product stream. This applied to the core segments of the Company’s business and to the areas supporting the Group’s operations, such as:

  • maintenance and manufacturing of machinery and equipment (JZR),
  • research and analysis (CLP-B),
  • water desalination,
  • land reclamation and environmental activities (PGWiR).

The JSW Group focuses on making the most efficient use of extractable but exhaustible and non-renewable mineral resources and raw materials, which contributes to greater efficiency and flexibility in the use of raw materials and reduction in the amount of pollution emitted. The new and continued research work carried out in 2022 allowed the Group to further explore modern solutions in the mining, coking and environmental protection areas.

The effects of the R&D&I activity in 2022 will play an important role in modernizing the mining and coking industry, increasing work safety and expanding environmental activities.


  • mining of deposits,
  • modern management models,
  • heterogeneous telecommunication systems in mine workings,
  • ICT, ventilation and air conditioning in mines,
  • OHS, environmental protection,
  • rehabilitation of post-mining sites,
  • utilization of hydrocarbons and breakthrough technologies.

In accordance with the financial plan adopted in the Group Strategy, the JSW Group will annually designate funds for R&D&I objectives, which will be allocated to projects assessed as having the highest priority for the implementation of the R&D&I Strategy. To maximize the outcome and enhance the scale of activity in innovation, the key thing is to secure external funding under dedicated programs originated by institutions such as the National Center for Research and Development, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the National Center of Science, the RFCS, and others.