Long-term relationships with the Group’s Stakeholders are built on values such as responsibility, ethics and mutual respect. For the sake of quality of such relationships, the Group adjusts its activity to the nature and expectations of the Stakeholders. The mutual impact between the Group and the environment necessitates learning the expectations of the stakeholders and shaping the relations with them, which is an important element of the Sustainable Development Strategy. We understand that building our Group's value based on dialogue and ethics is an essential element in a long-term management strategy.

The list of Key Stakeholders in place in the JSW Group comprises:

Social, environmental, economic and HR management issues constitute a key element of the Group’s business strategy and they are embodied through responsible and consistent growth of the Group’s value. Communication with the Group’s key Stakeholders is transparent, based on an open dialog and cooperation. Communication tools are chosen account being taken of the needs and type of stakeholders, and include press releases, website, social media, videos, ongoing reporting to state institutions, organization of performance conferences, industry meetings, promotional materials in the media, interviews with experts, ongoing cooperation with the media, industry magazine for employees and internal communication, communication with the capital market, including current and periodic reporting and earnings conferences.