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Mission, vision and values


JSW Group's mission is to strengthen its position of leading producer and supplier of coking coal and coke in Europe in a way that ensures growth in the Company's value, whilst taking into account shareholder expectations.

JSW Group’s vision

is to strengthen its position as innovative producer of coking coal and leading supplier of coke on the European market, one that sets out development directions for the entire industry by applying the highest operating standards as regards: product quality, innovations, automation and computerisation of production processes, occupational safety and environmental protection.

We are certain that building our Group’s value on the basis of ethical principles and in dialogue with stakeholders constitutes an essential element of a long-term management strategy.

We are a company that is continuously learning, drawing on best practices, striving to be a socially responsible enterprise and contributing positive values to our relations with the surroundings in which we live and work and, most importantly, with our customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees. The management approach to these issues is set out in our Sustainable Development Strategy 2017-2020 and is consistent with our vision – to strengthen JSW Group’s position as leading producer of coking coal and supplier of coke on the European market and a company that sets out development directions for the entire industry by operating to the highest standards. The Sustainable Development Strategy, as an element of JSW Group’s Strategy, is based on seven areas that serve as our objectives.

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1.1 Initiating projects independently or building partnerships with business (B2B) and the scientific community (B2U) in order to develop projects and technologies intended to find ever better ways to:  protect the life and health of people employed in the mining industry (occupational health and safety), reduce the impact of mining operations on the natural environment and surroundings, respect limited resources of coal in order to extract and use them more efficiently and find profitable applications for raw materials obtained as by-products of coal and coke (including methane, coke oven gas, waste rock, mine water and salt).

1.2. Acquiring external funds for research in this area in B2B or B2U projects (e.g. from National Research and Development Center – NCBR or National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management – NFOŚiGW).

2.1. Zero fatal accidents

2.2. Reducing the number of accidents at work (including accidents involving third party employees).

3.1. Building an organisational culture based on respect for people.

3.2. Eliminating instances of discrimination, mobbing, employee rights abuses or other unethical behaviour.

3.3. Eliminating instances of unequal treatment of men and women within the organisation.

4.1. Effective use of mined and commercially viable coal deposits.

4.2. Effective economic use of methane that exists in coal deposits.

4.3. Effective economic use of coke oven gas.

4.4. Optimisation of electricity use.

4.5. Optimisation of fuel use.

4.6. Reduction in carbon footprint and emissions management.

5.1. Ensuring environmental safety in the immediate vicinity.

5.2. Ensuring the safety and quality of life of local community residents.

6.1. Coking coal sales volume.

6.2. Coke sales volume.

7.1. Presence in RESPECT Index

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