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Strategy implementation in 2018


Ensuring financial stability

The Group’s business is characterised by high sensitivity to the overall economic situation, capital intensity and long periods of return on investment.

In order to secure a stable financing structure, a PLN 1.8 billion fund, JSW Stabilizacyjny FIZ (Fund), was formed in 2018. The Fund’s main objective is to limit the threat of product price volatility over operating and investing continuity by providing financial liquidity during downturns on the coking coal market.

Development of Program and Project Management Methodology

Achieving the objectives set out in the strategy is strictly associated with implementation of numerous programs and projects intended to increase JSW’s value, work productivity, improve the natural environment and enhance occupational safety and conditions at JSW’s facilities and Group companies. Such an intensive investment program necessitates a new approach to planning, implementing and monitoring planned and on-going projects. Based on global project management methodologies and standards, JSW has developed its own dedicated Program and Project Management Methodology, which is tailored to the specific nature of our Group and its needs, encompassing investment, organisational, IT and R&D projects. JSW’s project was selected as the best organisational project in Poland. During an IPMA Polska (International Project Management Association) conference in November, the Company received the Polish Project Excellence Award 2018 in the Organisational Projects category.

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The Program’s main objective is to ensure on-going monitoring and oversight for product quality at each production stage in order to increase production capacity and stabilise the quality of coal.

The QUALITY Program includes:

  • Seam cross-cut planning in mine deposits for optimum deposit management,
  • Forecasting the quality of coal for sale,
  • Cooperation between JSW S.A. and JSW KOKS S.A. to ensure high product quality,
  • Commercial coal quality control – cooperation of the Production Office’s technical staff with business partners

Coking coal output will also be increased through investment in Mechanical Coal Processing Units at each mine.


The Performance Program encompasses organisational and technical changes in the production process following analysis of performance improvements at JSW. The program includes support for activities in the following production processes:

  • Work organisation.
  • Deposit management (as regards production planning and scheduling).
  • Mining production management (including improvements in machinery use efficiency).
  • Management of production assets.
  • Management of mechanical coal processing.

The program will be implemented in four stages:

  • Data collection and organisational preparations
  • Capacity analysis
  • Development of optimisation initiatives list
  • Implementation of approved initiatives

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