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JSW Group operates in a complex social and economic environment. Extractive operations are carried out in difficult geological and mining conditions, creating multi-faceted burdens that are not always predictable. This business is also influenced by the sales prices of the Group's products, which are subject to swings. Competitors' activities, changes in the Group's financial situation as well as the eventual shape of the coking coal and coke sales markets require us to adapt our strategic approach to the Group's operations.

In response to the challenges resulting from a dynamically changing market situation and economic environment, changes in the Group’s structure as well as challenges related to maintaining stable, long-term development and fulfilment of our stakeholders’ expectations, JSW’s Strategy for 2018-2030, encompassing JSW Group Subsidiaries, was adopted.

The strategy sets out development directions for the entire Group, indicating strategic areas of focus. The strategy in particular defines: the Group’s mission, vision, strategic objectives, ways to build competitive advantage and strategic assumptions for each of the Group’s areas of operations.

The strategy is a manifest of our aspirations to strengthen our market position and stabilise operations in the long-term and to prepare our Company for market downturns and for operating on unstable and dynamically changing coal and coke markets.

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