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Reducing production costs by increasing operational performance, expanding the resource base and taking into account aspects related to safety, environmental protection and social responsibility across all aspects of the business are currently the key challenges for the mining industry.

We are closely watching the changes taking place in the industry, and we are certain that our actions stemming from the 2018-2030 strategy will allow us to implement our plans, which over time will result in growth in the Group’s value for shareholders.

Limited competition on the part of other producers of coking coal on the domestic market and plans to shut down the Czech plant OKD – the only other major producer of coking coal in the European Union aside from JSW – are presenting an opportunity for us to strengthen our position as EU’s leading supplier and producer of coking coal and coke.

As the industrial revolution progresses, we want to make an active use of scientific and technological achievements by implementing the latest technological solutions, introducing innovations and offering modern solutions for the mining sector on the basis of our intellectual capital.

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