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Our challenges and expectations



  • According to experts, it will not be possible to replace coke in the production of pig iron in blast furnaces in the coming 25-30 years. Demand for steel is successively rising along with population growth, which should translate into stable demand for our key product – coking coal.
  • Our high-quality hard coking coal resources, lengthy overseas deliveries of coking coal to the EU and the geographical proximity effect constitute the foundation for our stable and long-term relations with customers.
  • Access to the latest extractive technologies and strong competence in performing mining operations under difficult conditions should lead to an improvement in the efficiency of mining activities and thus to an increase in output to more than 18 million tonnes annually by 2030.
  • Securing energy independence through the use of coke oven gas and methane as well as by separating hydrogen from coke oven gas will lead to productivity improvements.


  • JSW is exposed to swings in demand and supply on the global market as well as to changes in market conditions in the extractive and steel sectors. However, with the formation of a closed-end investment fund and implementation of a long-term business strategy, we are able to better prepare for market downturns and dynamic market changes.
  • Difficult access to deposits, geological conditions, along with the methane threat present at JSW’s mines result in the need to search for additional technical and technological solutions increasing miner safety, which necessitates further investments.
  • Conducting dialogue with local communities and local governments in order to maintain their support and cooperation in connection with the Group’s operations, along with reducing any potential inconveniences for local residents.
  • Compliance with legal regulations pertaining to the natural environment and use of natural resources – limiting the emission of greenhouse gases and plans to include methane in the ETS scheme – by increasing the use of methane and coke oven gas in engines for the generation of electricity.

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