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About the report



With a view towards addressing the expectations of our stakeholders regarding the most important aspects of the Company’s business, JSW is pleased to present our first integrated annual report. The report encompasses the most important issues, combining financial and non-financial aspects.

The new integrated format is intended to provide comprehensive information about the Company to all stakeholders, investors and partners, present and provide context for JSW’s activities as well as to explain that value creation goes far beyond the financial aspects, touching on issues such as: respect for the environment, science and people, safety, integrity, responsibility and transparency, based on which we build trust, long-term relations with customers, employee satisfaction and good contacts with local communities.


Areas that are of key interest to our stakeholders are emphasised and expanded in our report. The presented information describes the Company’s strategy, business model, internal and external environment, key issues and events taking place in 2018 and our financial results. Much attention is paid to issues related to the Company’s impact on local surroundings, environmental protection, labour affairs, social matters and innovative activities.

The form and content of the report are in line with recommendations from the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) referring to the materiality and reliability of published information, consistency and a focus on the future. Financial information is presented in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Non-financial reporting areas are described in accordance with guidelines from the Non-Financial Information Standard dedicated to the mining industry and expanded by selected indicators from GRI’s sector supplement.

The key reporting areas were selected on the basis of dialogue with stakeholders during a series of conferences organised in 2018 („25 conferences for the 25th anniversary”), a review of extractive industry challenges, recommendations provided by employees as well as commitments arising from the document „JSW Group’s Sustainable Development. Our commitments for 2017-2020.”

Other aspects

  • Strategy and implementation.
  • Business model and plans for the future.
  • Safety of our employees.
  • Impact on natural environment and environmental protection.
  • Innovations and research.
  • Impact on local communities.
  • Responsible development.
  • Financial situation.

We hope that you will find our report to be an exhaustive read touching on various aspects of our business. You are welcome to send us your comments by email to: [email protected].

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