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JSW on the capital market


JSW's shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 6 July 2011. The securities are traded in PLN.

Share data 2018 2017 2016 2015
Number of shares at the end of the year 117 411 596 117 411 596 117 411 596 117 411 596
Minimum closing price (PLN) 63.00 60.21 8.77 10.00
Maximum closing price (PLN) 108.15 106.95 87.50 25.96
Closing price on last quotation date (PLN) 67.26 96.27 66.90 10.65
Capitalisation at the end of the year (PLN) 7 897.1 11 303.2 7 854.8 1 250.4

JSW S.A. share price on Warsaw Stock Exchange

In 2018, JSW’s shares were part of the following indexes:

  • jsw-icon-17

    WIG index, WIG20 index, WIG30 index, RESPECT index,

  • jsw-icon-17

    WIG-Poland index, WIG-Górnictwo index.

JSW is also a constituent of MSCI Poland.

In the analysed period, the average price for JSW’s shares was PLN 81.87, and the difference between the price at the beginning and end of the reporting period was a negative 30.8%. For comparison’s sake, indexes declined as follows during the period:WIG20 by 7.6%, WIG30 by 9.0%, WIG-Górnictwo by 22.1%.

The lowest closing price for JSW S.A. shares in 2018 was PLN 63.00, recorded on 10 September 2018, while the highest closing price was PLN 108.15, recorded on 15 January 2018. At the end of the reporting period, the share price was PLN 67.26. Average daily trading volume in 2018 was 223 290 shares.

The following chart shows JSW S.A.’s share price performance along with the WIG20, WIG30 and WIG-Górnictwo indexes in 2018:


JSW S.A. share price vs selected Polish mining-sector companies

JSW S.A. share price vs international markets (selected companies)

Recommendations for JSW S.A. shares

19 recommendations from brokerage firms for JSW shares were issued in 2018. 12 brokerage firms recommended buying JSW shares, five firms issued a neutral ‚hold,’ while two recommended to sell.

Percentage structure of recommendations in 2018:

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