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JSW Group employs more than 28 000 people, making employees one of the largest stakeholder groups. Dialogue with employees is multi-dimensional – through the Employee Site – an online tool that contains a range of HR information, key documents for download, the „Foreman’s Section and more” platform, an electronic version of our internal magazine, distribution of the print version of the „Jastrzębski Węgiel” monthly to all JSW facilities and subsidiaries. Effective and open internal communication is an essential element in building a healthy organisational culture therefore we are constantly diagnosing the current employee situation by conducting periodic satisfaction surveys and anonymous questionnaires. We are making every effort to build a work environment in which all employees are able to maximise their potential while being appreciated and respected.

Local community

Our local community includes tens of thousands of residents in nearby municipalities and poviats where JSW Group operates. Having regard to the nature of our business and its potential side-effects and inconveniences, we carry on active and continuous dialogue with the local community. We want to be a good neighbour, acting and investing in such a way as to ensure that the benefits coming from JSW for the regions not only compensate for but also significantly outweigh the related inconveniences. We monitor the needs and signals coming from local communities, organise meetings with the Management Board for local governments, participate in working teams, help in solving problems that are of importance to the community, for example by supporting healthcare units and helping children and youth. More than 100 000 people in the region live off of mining.


JSW’s main shareholder is the State Treasury, with a 55.16% stake. The remaining shares are held by retail and institutional investors. Dialogue with shareholders and investors is multi-dimensional – through regular meetings with the Management Board, online earnings conferences, participation in industry and investor events in Poland and abroad.


JSW Group has a steady customer base. Customer relations based on partnership and transparency are exceptionally important to us. This is why we emphasise market-based negotiations concerning quantity and price terms, care about product quality, respond to every objection or complaint from our customers, flexibly react to changes and divergences from ordered volumes in the case of unexpected problems or failures at our customers’ plants, and we ensure that deliveries are on time and any logistics problems are solved together.


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Given the nature of its business, JSW Group also has a large supplier base for materials, equipment, devices and services. Due to the Company’s good financial situation and aiming to improve relations with suppliers, payment deadlines applied in procurement procedures were reduced in 2018 by 30 days to 90 days.

Business partners

JSW and JSW Group companies cooperate with numerous entities in various dimensions. Our partners include universities, organisations, research institutes and businesses. A number of letters of intent were signed in 2018, including with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) regarding research and development, with Palaris regarding the implementation of a pilot system for bolt supports at the KWK Pniówek mine, and with numerous Polish companies, including for joint innovative investment undertakings concerning the commercial use of hydrogen fuel.

Financial institutions

Open communication with all stakeholders is exceptionally important to us and has an impact on how the company is perceived on the market. This is why we conduct regular and transparent dialogue with financial market participants. Our key financial partners include PKO, BGK, BOŚ and EIB.

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