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In these times of omnipresent digitalisation, we use modern technologies in management because we are a modern company. We want to set directions for development and constitute proof that the extractive industry is following technological and organisational trends

We are certain that using the latest technologies is the right direction that will not only ensure JSW Group’s optimal development but also set trends for the entire mining industry. Rationally introduced innovative solutions will help us in developing our core business. Changes in our innovation policy are also aided by the innovation support ecosystem that is developing in Poland, offering numerous incentives and tools supporting investments in the area of research, development and innovations (R+D+I). We feel obligated not only to incorporate in our decision-making processes the social and environmental effects of such decisions but also to search for and promote solutions that help to take care of the interests of our surroundings.

JSW Innowacje, a JSW Group company, is dedicated to development projects. The company’s vision and mission is to become a leading innovation centre on the European market for mining and the development of technologies and systems increasing the potential and capabilities of the Polish extractive industry. JSW Innowacje is implementing projects based on the R+D+I Strategy, adopted in mid-2018, which comprehensively describes our approach to innovations, deployments, implementation of innovative ideas and projects with an embedded research component.

In accordance with the financial plan included in the strategy, JSW Group will provide funding each year for the R+D+I area’s objectives, which will be allocated to projects that are deemed as key for implementing the Innovation Strategy.

In 2018, JSW Group spend PLN 29 699 200 on the research and development area, which is 0.29% of total expenditures.

To maximise effects and increase scale in the innovation area, we will also use external financing from institutions such as: National Centre for Research and Development, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, National Science Centre and others.

In order to reach maximum effectiveness and quality in our research and development projects, we are implementing projects with external partners: scientists, researchers, laboratories, scientific institutions, universities and innovative enterprises from the extractive industry and related sectors. In 2018, JSW Group established cooperation with a range of the most prestigious, major institutions in the world involved in research, development and the latest solutions. We joined the Technion Drive Accelerator, operated by a renowned Israeli university, and signed agreements and letters of intent with:

  • jsw-icon-27
    Australia's government agency CSIRO

    cooperation in mechanical coal processing area and petrographic analysis of fineness of grinding of coal

  • jsw-icon-43
    Australian company Palaris

    as regards a pilot implementation of bolt supports at KWK „Pniówek”

  • jsw-icon-32
    Joy Global (Poland)

    letter of intent regarding comprehensive research and analysis for development of modern autonomous longwall systems at JSW’s mines

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