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Business model


Our business model provides complete value chain integration through expanding cooperation with our customers in order to secure appropriate production levels in the long-term.

model model

JSW Group is an active participant in the coking coal – coke – steel supply chain, focusing on extracting and processing coal and selling the Group’s products – coal, coke and coal-related products, including coke oven gas, tar, benzol, ammonium sulphate and liquid sulphur.

Efficient extraction of high-quality coal is the first stage of production in our business model, which underwrites subsequent stages. The second stage is the production of coke on the basis of coking coal extracted in JSW’s mines. The final stage involves the sale of the Group’s products. Each of these segments is driven by a range of additional technical, market and internal factors.

JSW Group is organised and managed on a segment basis, taking into account the type of goods and the type of production activity.

Coal Segment

covers the extraction and sale of hard coal

  • jsw-icon-42
    15 million tonnes

    of coal produced

  • jsw-icon-55
    PLN 1 405.8 million

    in investment expenditures

Coke Segment

covers the production and sale of coke and coal-related products

  • jsw-icon-38
    3.5 million tonnes


  • jsw-icon-55
    PLN 50.1 million

    in investment expenditures

Other Segments

cover activities of JSW Group companies that are not included in the above two segments


  • jsw-icon-55
    PLN 212.7 million

    in investment expenditures

The extraction of hard coal is performed at separate organisational units within JSW – mines. The production of coke takes place in standalone, non-integrated coking plants owned by subsidiary JSW KOKS. JSW Group also includes other companies performing support functions, including IT, research, development and innovations, repair services, security, insurance, training and laboratory services. From the viewpoint of building JSW Group's value, the role of subsidiaries is considerably growing. Interactions between specific companies and stakeholders are an important element as they constitute a shared link in the value-creation chain for the entire JSW Group.

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