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Social capital


As most companies in our industry, JSW Group is strongly tied to the region in which it operates. Hard coal mining has created and continues to create the culture of Upper Silesia. This encompasses local traditions and customers. Our recruitment needs have an impact on the directions of vocational and university education.

  • jsw-icon-55
    1 060

    Scholarships for students in 2018

  • jsw-icon-59
    2 320

    Direct beneficiaries of JSW’s social activities

  • jsw-icon-59
    55 538

    Indirect beneficiaries of JSW’s social activities

  • jsw-icon-53
    PLN 3.9 million

    Amount of donations in 2018

Management of results

  • JSW Foundation, intended to work with local governments and support local initiatives, was formally formed in December 2018.
  • Management Board meetings with municipality authorities
  • Participation in the works of consultative teams under the auspices of the Director of the District Mining Authority in Gliwice
  • Cooperation with local authorities on education.

Results achieved in 2018

  • Payment deadlines for liabilities concerning mining damages rectified by the injured parties on their own have been shortened to 30 days and harmonised.
  • Implementation of the JSW Mine of Knowledge project.
  • Scholarship program for talented youths continued.

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