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Production capital


JSW Group’s production capital mainly includes non-current asset, i.e. infrastructure in mines, mechanical coal processing facilities and coking plants. It also includes infrastructure related to support functions: transport, water and wastewater, desalination systems, energy and IT infrastructure, etc. Production capital also includes governance and management systems at each of our companies.

Key data concerning production capital:

  • jsw-icon-46

    hard coal mines

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    coking plants

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    IT infrastructure

    Management of results

Management of results

  • development of mining activities (more on this subject), conduction of new levels in the Group’s mines
  • modernisation and operational optimisation of the coking segment, including modernization of coking battery no. 4 at Koksownia Przyjaźń
  • development of energy self-sufficiency by expanding generation capacities based on own resource base – by-products of coal mining (methane) and coke production (coke oven gas)
  • Purchase of equipment intended to improve the efficiency of preparatory works
  • Implementation of new technologies, including pilot use of autonomous bolt structures

Results achieved in 2018

  • 15.0 million tonnes coal output
  • 3.6 million tonnes coke output
  • PLN 1668.6 million – CAPEX

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