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Natural capital

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    6.119 billion tonnes

    Coal resources

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    PLN 136.9 million

    Group’s expenditures on environmental protection in 2018

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    PLN 44.5 million

    Ecological Investments: increase in commercial use of methane, modernisation of water treatment and desalination units (included in expenditures on environmental protection).

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    Land subject to biological rehabilitation in 2018

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    PLN 76.8 million

    Rectification of mining damages and land rehabilitation in public, private and local government sectors

Management of results

  • Reduction in the quantity of saline mine water through its maximal use for technological purposes.
  • Program to reduce noise at Koksownia Przyjaźń installations.
  • Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions – maximal energy-purpose use of gas from mine methane drainage.

Results achieved in 2018

  • Implementation of ambitious project at the former Krupiński mine site in Suszec.
  • Development of VARMO – a high-quality competitive carbon-based fuel.
  • New city bike stations in Jastrzębie-Zdrój

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