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Intellectual capital


Intellectual capita lis the sum of the Group’s research and development competences – at each of its companies as well as at its dedicated unit JSW Innowacje. We have strong R+D+I infrastructure and laboratories. A constant flow of know-how and awareness of new technologies into JSW is ensured by an extensive network of relations with industry businesses (including global ones) and the scientific world. A range of innovative projects has resulted from this cooperation.

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    PLN 29 699 200

    Expenditures on research and development in 2018

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    University majors created for JSW’s purposes

Management of results

  • A dedicated company – JSW Innowacje – has been formed to implement development projects.
  • The Group is implementing projects on the basis of its R+D+I Strategy adopted in mid-2018
  • Effective use of external funding: National Centre for Research and Development, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, National Science Centre and others.
  • Project management is in line with the Methodology for Managing R+D+I Projects.

Results achieved in 2018

  • Implementation of projects within the Smart Mine initiative. A set of integrated ICT processes, devices and solutions constitutes the key to improving security, optimising the costs of production processes and raising efficiency.
  • Use of virtual reality in employee training.
  • Range of projects focusing on the production and use of hydrogen, production of carbon nanostructures and other technologies with strong growth prospects.


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