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Financial capital


Financial capital encompasses all financing sources for our operating activities, including mining and coking.

It includes:

  • equity provided by owners, lenders and bondholders,
  • financial results,
  • other non-current and current liabilities.

With the funds we raise and generate, JSW Group is able to not only conduct on-going operations but also invest in future undertakings, including financing for research and development activities.

Key data concerning financial capital:

  • jsw-icon-17
    PLN 13 762.6 million

    Balance sheet total

  • jsw-icon-55
    PLN 8 445.4 million


  • jsw-icon-15

    Debt ratio

Management of results

  • Long-term development strategy 2018-2030, encompassing investment projects totalling approx. PLN 19 billion, unveiled in February 2018 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • High-quality investor relations, on-going communication with shareholders and bondholders
  • Participation in capital market initiatives, high-quality current and periodic reporting
  • Cooperation with the State Treasury, our strategic investor

Results achieved in 2018

  • EBITDA: PLN 3 020.1 million
  • Net profit: PLN 1 760.8 million
  • Capitalisation at the end of 2018: PLN 7 897.1 million

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