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11 January 2018 Letter of intent regarding cooperation between JSW, PGNiG, PGG and Tauron on extraction of methane from coal deposits
29 January 2018 Annex to agreement with Balta GmbH for coke deliveries
9 February 2018 Long-term development strategy for years 2018-2030 unveiled at Warsaw Stock Exchange
28 March 2018 Confidentiality agreement signed in connection with Prairie’s request to potentially collaborate with JSW on Prairie’s coal projects in Poland
30 March 2018 Publication of the first Sustainable Development Report, for 2017
19 April 2018 25th anniversary of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A.
19 April 2018 Formation of consortium by JSW, JSW Innowacje, Central Mining Institute and Joy Global (Poland) intended to develop independent bolting supports at JSW’s mines
19 April 2018 Agreement on cooperation between JSW and JSW Innowacje with renowned German scientific and research institutes concerning advanced materials and coal processes and the use of Smart Coal Mine 4.0 in coal mining processes
19 April 2018 Agreement on cooperation with Famur intended to develop commercial projects concerning delivery of solutions and services to foreign markets related to coal mining in deep and open-pit mines
23 April 2018 Annex to Bond Issue Programme agreement
26 April 2018 Formation of Hawk-e for unmanned systems
11 June 2018 Wage agreement with JSW’s trade unions
11 June 2018 Formation of sub-portfolio intended for investment purposes within JSW’s closed-ended investment fund (FIZ)
14 June 2018 Letter of intent signed by representatives of JSW and PKP Cargo regarding joint innovative investment undertakings related to the commercial use of hydrogen fuel
27 June 2018 Conference in Brussels initiated by JSW promoting coking coal as a strategic raw material. Re-entry by the European Commission of coking coal onto its list of 27 critical raw materials, which are difficult to replace and are of high importance to the Community
23 August 2018 Letters of intent signed with Australian partners concerning research and development during the Polish-Australian Energy Forum
24 August 2018 Award for JSW in the industrial and engineering facilities category of the „Modernisation of the Year 2017” competition for the construction of a cogeneration system with 2 x 4 MWe generators powered by methane from methane drainage at the Budryk mine
27 August 2018 Letter of intent concerning cooperation on the Forest Carbon Project
30 August 2018 Closure of Koksownia Dębieńsko coking plant
28 September 2018 Letter of intent signed with Joy Global (Poland) regarding comprehensive research and analysis for development of modern autonomous longwall systems at JSW’s mines
10 October 2018 JSW’s decision to discontinue talks with Prairie regarding potential cooperation or transactions concerning Prairie’s coal projects in Poland
22 October 2018 JSW’s third place in the competition „The Best Annual Report 2017,” organised by the Institute of Accountancy and Taxes
25 October 2018 Launch of drilling of new surface research wells at mining area Bzie-Dębina 2-Zachód in order to obtain precise data concerning thickness and quality of coal deposits
7 November 2018 Agreement on cooperation regarding development and implementation of technology for production of carbon nanostructures between JSW Innowacje and Switzerland-based AGT Management & Engineering AG
16 November 2018 Agreement between Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych „H. Cegielski” from Poznań and JSW and PKP Cargo regarding commercial use of hydrocarbons in rail transport
20 November 2018 Letter of intent between JSW and Advicom and Elmodis regarding modern machinery diagnostics and measurements, including at JSW’s processing facilities
20-23 November 2018 JSW as key partner at the Raw Material Congress 2018 in Rytro, summarising wide-reaching consultations on the draft National Raw Materials Policy
12 December 2018 Agreement on a strategic alliance between JSW and Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG, securing first access for JSW to TK’s latest technological solutions
2-14 December 2018 JSW in agreement with the Ministry of Environment as the first official partner of COP24 in Katowice
17 December 2018 Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa once again placed in RESPECT Index for companies observing management rules concerning corporate governance and investor relations

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