Corporate social responsibility policy

Responsibility for the natural environment and social community is an element of the Parent Company’s mission. Putting special stress on corporate social responsibility in corporate policy, JSW is giving evidence of its conviction of the importance of responsible and ethical leadership, based on sustainable development principles.

In the CSR area in 2014, the Parent Company implemented the JSW Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for 2013-2015 adopted by the Management Board in January 2013.

The corporate social responsibility objectives JSW formulated provide support for JSW’s strategic business objectives. The Parent Company carries out business activities taking into account the impact of its decisions and actions on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behavior which takes into account the expectations of stakeholders, complies with the law and contributes to sustainable socio-economic development.

In the Parent Company, a responsible approach to conducting business signifies:

  • doing business in compliance with legal requirements and other accepted obligations,
  • showing care for internal management systems,
  • cultivating honest and open relations with customer and suppliers,
  • sourcing commodities in a balanced way,
  • curtailing the natural environment impact by following an environmental program, preventing pollution and failures and minimizing the adverse environmental impact and striving to improve the state of the environment on a continuous basis.
  • ensuring safe working conditions, improving occupational safety and health measures and in particular taking actions to procure the application of safe technological processes, striving to prevent accidents, occupational disorders and events that may lead to accidents,
  • following a responsible personnel policy,
  • setting and observing ethical standards.

The Parent Company is building a corporate culture model to address the ever greater requirements of the market and stakeholders defined in the CSR strategy (shareholders, clients, suppliers, employees, administrative and local government authorities, etc.). Considering the requirements of the CSR standard, the JSW Management Board simultaneously implements measures in the fields of economic development, social cohesion and environmental protection in all areas of the Group’s operations, while its human resources management policy is predicated on knowledge pertaining to employee potential and the development thereof.

The Corporate Social Responsibility measures ensure that JSW is perceived as a socially responsible company and will bring measurable benefits such as building competitive advantage, augmenting attractiveness in investors’ eyes, good relations with stakeholders, higher transparency and predictability of actions, perception of JSW as a desirable employer, improving relations with the local community and authorities, improving organizational culture, molding JSW’s positive image among employees and their satisfaction.

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