Sustainable materials of the future

As part of the revitalization program of the former Krupiński mine in Suszec, we plan to establish a factory to produce coal fibers from the by-products of the coking process, while on the land of the former Dębieńsko mine – a factory to produce adsorbents, coal nanotubes using by-products of the coking coal and coke production process, including type 34 coal and coke dust.  Application of high-quality lightweight materials and components reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

  • Carbon fibers: a light, extremely durable material with unique looks.  The fibres are used, among other things, as a construction material in various laminates with special properties. For example, the energy sector uses such fiber for the production of wind turbine blades.
  • Carbon adsorbents: used to remove contaminants from the liquid or gaseous phase, as catalysts or catalyst carriers used to store gases. There is market demand for cheap and efficient adsorbents due to increasingly stringent environmental requirements
  • Carbon nanostructures: used in the automotive, energy, chemical and electronics sectors. Strong demand in the aerospace, defense and electronics sectors, mainly due to their lightness combined with remarkable strength. Carbon nanostructures account for 1-3% of the weight of graphite electrodes in lithium-ion batteries.