Hydrogen cells factory – electric and hydrogen vehicles

At the site of the former Krupiński mine, as part of the land reclamation program, JSW plans to build a factory of hydrogen cells for electromobility purposes – mainly fuel cells with a proton exchange membrane (PEM). As part of this ambitious program, in the same location JSW intends to build an electric bus production line AUTOMOTIV GK JSW (including hydrogen-powered buses) and a production line for a small electric delivery van. The Company plans to build a factory and a production line of wagons and hydrogen-powered locomotives. 

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa also has a number of ideas associated with energy projects under the name “ZIELONA DOLINA” (Green Valley). They provide for construction of, among others: an underground gas tank, PV farm installation, electric vehicle charging station, thermal energy store, and European Small Methane Energy Center.