We respect natural resources

Silesia is a region traditionally associated with mining and heavy industry, which strives, with success, to become a leader in innovation and new technologies. This aspiration is reflected in the development of contemporary business sectors and sustainable investments. Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa is also developing in this direction, creating a modern, environmentally-friendly mining sector company based on the region’s unique economic tradition, human capital, respect for natural resources and innovative technology solutions.

Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa is the largest producer of coking coal in the European Union and a significant producer of coke, an essential material for production of steel, without which development of an innovative economy would be difficult to imagine.  JSW is changing from a traditional supplier of a strategic raw material for the steel industry to a model for the sector, featuring the value chain:
Coking coal - coke - gas - hydrogen - clean environmentally friendly energy
which will support the development of new competence in the region and its evolution from a traditional mining region to a modern, environmentally-friendly technology and industrial center ready for the 21st century.

As the global economy moves towards modern low-emission industrial production, demand for environmentally friendly products, such as electric cars or wind turbines, increases. Therefore, the demand for steel is increasing.  No branch of the modern economy can function without steel, and Presently, there are no alternative and economically-viable technologies for smelting steel without using coking coal.  That is why coking coal has been classified by the European Commission as one of the strategic raw materials from the viewpoint of the Community’s economic interests.  It is one of the 27 raw materials on the list of critical raw materials for the EU (Critical Raw Materials for the EU), meaning that it is of eminent significance to the economy and hard to replace.

JSW supplies this essential raw material, while continuing to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. It continues to look for economically viable methods of obtaining and processing not only the main commodity but also any by-products of its processing, while emphasizing respect for the natural environment.
Care for the environment is a stimulus for seeking innovative, efficient and cost-effective technologies. We have cooperated with research centers, national and foreign universities and numerous companies to launch a number of research projects showing the new face of JSW.