Continuous improvement of occupational health and safety, protection of the health of our employees, ensuring appropriate levels of protection against threats and high levels of technical safety at our mines are the values that Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa considers its top priorities.

  • We continuously upgrade our production machinery and equipment. The Company’s management have for years been committed to ensuring that state-of-the-art mining technology is used in our production processes. Our mines are equipped with modern longwall units designed to work specifically in the mining and geological conditions of our mines and also tailored to the possible threats.
  • We work to ensure that our employees are aware of the appropriate attitudes that promote safety at work. We work to continuously improve the competencies and qualifications of our employees. At all of the Company’s mines, occupational health and safety knowledge competitions are held on a regular basis to promote safety at work and to increase our employees’ awareness of workplace safety.
  • We have developed a threat monitoring system. The system, which is designed to monitor and improve working conditions, has been successfully implemented at the Company’s mines. With the safety of our employees in mind, we are currently in the process of implementing an electronic monitoring system for identifying our employees working underground.
  • Special emphasis is also placed on various health-promoting campaigns. In 2005, the scope of preventive medical tests for our employees was extended to include compulsory additional cardiovascular disease prevention tests to be taken by all our personnel. In addition, since 2010, psychological assistance has been available at each of the Company’s mines. The psychological assistance, which is available to all our employees, is provided to improve work safety at our mines. Specialised psychologists are also available to assist us in solving crisis situations.