“Knowledge Mine” on vacation

As part of the JSW for Children program, 120 children from orphanages will go to summer camps. Children from three orphanages will go to the seaside and will also participate in one-day trips.

Every year, JSW’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team arranges summer camps and trips for children from orphanages covered by the company’s patronage. These centers take care of more than 120 children aged 2 to 18. Additionally, within the framework of JSW for Children, day camps, one-day educational trips and meetings with interesting people are also held. These initiatives provide children with the opportunity, which is the first such occasion for many of them, to travel around the country and discover local tourist attractions. This is even more important now than ever before.

- The social isolation period was difficult for everyone, but especially so for children from orphanages who had to spend several months in these centers without any opportunity to see the outside world. For safety reasons, they were not permitted to leave the premises or receive visitors. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Team members contacted these children using online communication tools, sent them interesting educational materials from our website JSW New Knowledge Mine and talked to them on the phone. But, of course, these are no substitutes for direct human contact. Which is why we are looking forward to these trips and the opportunity to spend time together with the children - says Agnieszka Barzycka, Head of the JSW Corporate Social Responsibility Team.

This year, children and youths from all our cooperating institutions, namely from the Care and Educational Center in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, the “Przystań” Child and Family Support Center in Pszczyna and the Orphanage in Cieszyn, will go to a summer camp held at the JSW Group’s leisure center in Sianożęty. In order to make this vacation time even more attractive for the children, shorter trips have also been planned, including to Chlebowa Chata in Brenna, to the historic silver mine in Tarnowskie Góry, to Energylandia and to the Terra Spei Foundation in Lipowa near Żywiec.

- Trips and tours organized by JSW provide invaluable assistance to care and educational centers covered by the patronage of our company. These trips are very attractive, adapted to the needs of children of all ages, during which we spend time together with them, simultaneously providing them with plenty of new knowledge, great experiences and an opportunity to see new places, meet new people and integrate with each other. Now more than ever, in these difficult days of the epidemic, because these children were not permitted to leave their centers from March until recently. We are grateful for all activities and support we receive from JSW, because they make us feel important to other people who never forget us - says Iwona Spora, Director of the “Przystań” Child and Family Support Center in Pszczyna.

Art workshops, educational trips, volunteer campaigns organized by JSW employees, donations of equipment for talented youth – these are just a few of the activities carried out by Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa for children and youths within the framework of the JSW for Children program. As part of our corporate social responsibility endeavors, we organize numerous attractions aimed at local communities, with particular emphasis on the provision of support to children and youths. The JSW for Children and JSW Knowledge Mine programs are very popular among schools, preschools and care and educational centers, institutions and associations.

For reports on trips organized for children and entertaining educational materials, please visit the project website at: https://nowakopalniawiedzy.pl.