The process of allocating staff at Krupiński continues

Today, (February 1) another 120 employees of development works brigades at Krupiński were transferred to the Borynia and Zofiówka Sites of the Borynia - Zofiówka – Jastrzębie mine. Up till now more than 200 employees of Krupiński found jobs in the new mines. Next hundred employees will be transferred to Pniówek and Budryk at the 10th of February.

photo: Dawid Lach

The collection of statements from JSW employees who express their desire to leave the mining and one-time severance payments was completed yesterday at the mines. In total declaration to use the shielding program was expressed by 1716 employees. 324 people declared their willingness to take one-time severance payments, the others will use the mining leave.