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JSW takes it all!

The Saturday forenoon (25 February) in Wisła, where the “SNOW SPORT SHOW” took place, was totally owned by Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa!

The Company not only was the main partner of the event - also its team consisting of the Polsat sports journalist – Jerzy Mielewski, the President of the Management Board of Jastrzębski Węgiel – Zdzisław Grodecki and Beata Krotewicz, from the Polish Transplant Sports Association, won the gold cup and the first prize in the race!

Our other representatives also did really well. In total, JSW put up five relay teams in its colours. The rules were simple: each of the teams was made up of a sport, TV or music star, a representative of the sponsor and a recipient of a transplanted organ associated in the Polish Transplant Sports Association. The JSW stars included Jerzy Mielewski, Paweł Golec from the Golec uOrkiestra band, the actor Jarosław Jakimowicz, Tomasz Szczepanik – the Pectus singer, as well as another singer – Sabina Golanowska. The stars were accompanied by Grzegorz Czornik – the Vice‑President of the Management Board for Sales, Gabriel Przeliorz – the Vice-Director for Employment at KWK Borynia-Zofiówka, and Małgorzata Szuścik-Żebrok and Tomasz Siemieniec from the Management Board Office. Just before the race, everybody practised under the supervision of a Nagano, Albertville and Lillehammer Olympian – Dorota Kwaśny-Lejawa and another Olympian – Katarzyna Gębala-Roszkowska.

This educational event supporting the development of organ transplantations, that took place on the Saturday morning, was honoured with the presence of the Polish First Lady – Anna Komorowska, who officially opened the race.

Let us remind that on 25 February 2012, in Wisła, stars, journalists and sportspeople after organ transplantations competed for the second time in a cross-country skiing race. The sports and educational action is aimed at supporting the development of organ transplantation. “SNOW SPORT SHOW”. The project was initiated in 2011 by Przemek Saleta – a sportsman, ambassador of physical activity and promoter of transplantation medicine. The main objective of the action is raising social support for transplantation medicine, popularisation of the “Declarations of intent”, and breaking social and psychological barriers connected with conscious organ donations, which will contribute to the increase of the number of organs for transplantation. “The intention of the project is also to stress the importance of physical activity among people after transplantations,” says Przemysław Saleta. “Sport can be a recipe for full recovery after the excision of an organ for family transplantation, just as in my case, or after transplantation. It is wonderful that we meet in Wisła again. For me the joy is even bigger because our idea takes a heavy toll, so that we have a lot of people around us convinced that our activity is good. A circle of true friends who want to promote the “Race for New Life” (Bieg po Nowe Życie) together with us. And I don’t mean only the persons known from the television but all the people who are engaged in the SNOW SPORT SHOW project simply because of their hearts’ needs. A year ago, I said that by donating your organ to a relative you don’t miss anything from your life – to the contrary: you bring the recipient back to a normal life. And you still can practise sports with big success. I want to repeat this sentence also today.”